Efficient   Economic  Sustainable

The 2BEE-concept is a good example of "Best Emons Efficiency". The hydraulic system that is 
normally used inside a regular inloader has been removed and the glass is now being secured
directly onto the glass stillage using a patented load securing system. 


  • 28,0 tonnes glass
  • 25% CO2 reductions
  • Aluminium glass inloader
  • Mixed load
  • Safe fixation / TÜV certification
  • 40% less glass damage
  • Up to 30% total cost reduction
  • Patended concept

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The above, combined with a light weight aluminium trailer, results in an enormous weight advantage! This allows our 2BEE-concept to transport significantly more glass; 28 tonnes instead of the regular 22.4 tonnes standard (in 40-tonnes countries). Another unique aspect is that each different sized load can be taken along without a hitch; glass packages of various sizes fit together on one stillage!

Economic and sustainable

The innovations in the 2BEE-concept has great cost-saving effects for clients. In addition, this system brings with it significantly reduced CO2 emissions, enhanced safety and our new glass securing system prevents (nearly all) glass damage during transport.


We are also proud to announce that our 2BEE-concept is also fully     
TÜV-approved. The practical test revealed that our concept
fully complies with the requirements set by TÜV.