Van Huet open trailer

ELT++ concept

This concept expands the loading capacity by 23% without raising the total weight of the carrier and without exceeding the maximum allowable weight (40 tons in most European countries).

A completely new way of looking at the existing inloader concept has resulted in this spectacular efficiency gain. A typical case of “thinking out of the box”. Transport costs are a substantial part of the cost price of glass and for many years they show an upward trend. This is, amongst others, caused by road taxes, increasing fuel prices and new environmental regulations. In order to compensate for the increasing costs, Van Huët is heavily investing in Research and Development. The goal: reduce transport costs and harmful emissions (CO2) as well as increase the efficiency in the logistics chain by developing new intelligent concepts.

The result: lower logistics costs for our customers and a better environment!


By applying intelligent techniques and lighter (aluminum) material, the total weight of the combination has been massively reduced. This is to the benefit of the loading capacity, which is increased from 22 tons to 27 tons. Using the maximum loading capacity this means an increase of 23% more glass per trip.

  • Increasing the loading capacity by 23%
  • Reducing transport costs
  • Reducing COemissions

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