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Our vehicles are designed in such a way that glass
can be transported safely and undamaged without any packaging.

Specialist in transporting unpacked large formats of glass

Van Huët Glass Logistics is a specialist in the field of glass logistics in Europe and is a leading player in this market. The company is a division of the Emons Group in Milsbeek, the Netherlands. With 5 subsidiaries in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands Van Huët provides logistics services to the European glass industry.

Van Huët Glass Logistics of unpacked glass

Van Huët Glass Logistics focusses primarily on the logistics of unpackaged glass.
Transporting unpacked glass has several advantages, such as avoiding the costs of packaging, the removal of waste packaging and return logistics. The vehicles have been designed in such a way that glass can be transported safely and undamaged without any packaging.

Van Huët Glass Logistics has several concepts to transport glass: e.g. our revolutionary 2BEE-concept, the ELT++-concept, the Logiglass-concept and the Maxi-trailer-concept.

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Our focus is on:

  • The customer
  • Innovation regarding technology, modes of cooperation, products/services and ICT
  • Quality (assured with ISO 9001:2008)
  • Flexibility
  • Competitive conditions

Van Huët Glass logistics is Member of the Emons Group


As a family business, the Emons Group is distinctive in its niche markets. We offer our customers innovative and sustainable logistics solutions that lead to lower costs and environmental benefits. We realize this together from the core values expertise, passion, transparency and trust. Our four divisions are: Van Huët Glass Logistics, 2WIN/Emons Cargo, Hofmans and Meierling.

100% focus on our goal

Within the Emons Group each division operates as entrepreneurs, with autonomous management. This results in a 100% focus on their goal: further development of very specific innovative products with the full support of all employees who are constantly challenged and intensively coached.

For more information check the website of the Emons Group.

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